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3 Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Your home’s plumbing system is definitely an underappreciated part of your life. Most people don’t value smooth running pipes until a problem arises. When your drains are not working properly your first instinct might be to pull out the plunger. However, sometimes a professional drain cleaning might be a better idea. We have a few […]

3 of the Worst Plumbing Repairs

Being a homeowner is a great feeling. Knowing that your home is yours, the added privacy, and having the ability to make decor changes to a house are all great benefits. However, the real fun comes when the home is a few years old and plumbing problems start to crop up. Taking care of fixes […]

Should I Make the Switch to a Tankless Water Heater?

A lot of new home builders are installing tankless water heaters into homes. However, if you live in an older home you may be wondering if you should make the switch. This new technology has been on the market for a few years now and it is quickly becoming more popular. Both tankless and traditional […]

Gas Leak Prevention and Detection

Gas leaks are potentially dangerous and should be taken very seriously. The sulfuric scent is added to natural gas so that it can be detected. It is otherwise odorless and colorless. If you smell the natural gas in your house it is important to take action right away. Our certified plumbers at New Age Plumbing […]

5 Unflushable Items that Can Cause You to Need Toilet Repair

You may think of your toilet as a throne, where you spend many hours a day contemplating life or playing a round of Words With Friends and scrolling through Facebook, among other things. But your toilet, as sacred as it might be, is not indestructible. In fact, there are many things you should by all […]

When Do I Need to Call the Plumber?

Imagine this: your faucet won’t stop dripping or let’s say you’ve found water stains and can’t find the source of them or maybe your drains won’t, well, drain. How do you know when you should call a plumber and when you should attempt to fix it yourself? Well, the answer is usually: call the plumber […]

Plumbing Services to Keep Your Plumbing System Intact

When people talk about Game of Thrones, they usually mean the HBO show and not their toilet. But when your toilet is on the fritz, it can really feel like a game of thrones. If you’re experiencing plumbing issues, the certified plumbers from New Age Plumbing have you covered. With these plumbing services, you can […]

Gas Leaks – Health Warnings to Look Out For

When you have a serious and prolonged gas leak in your home, you may notice a rotten egg smell, which is one of the biggest telltale signs of gas leaks. However, there are some health-related warning signs you should be aware of as well. At New Age Plumbing, we’re dedicated to helping everyone stay safe […]

Clean Sewers for a Greener Earth

Now, more than ever, it’s important for every human to take care of planet Earth. We can all do our part in helping our world be as healthy as possible. Littering less, recycling, and perhaps driving cars with lower emissions are great steps to take. Another simple, yet incredibly effective way to protect the Earth […]

What is Backflow Repair?

Out of all the nifty, crafty things you can turn into a DIY project in your home, your plumbing system is the last thing you want to handle on your own. Your best bet is to hire a certified plumber to help you out, especially with backflow repair–one of the messiest, smelliest, and dirtiest plumbing […]