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No Hot Water and Other Common Problems That Require Plumbing Services

Fall is here, and while we are still experiencing downright hot weather in El Paso, pretty soon the mornings and nights will announce the true arrival of the cold season. Temperatures will drop, and nothing will sound more cozy than a nice, hot shower or bath. So imagine if, on one of those chilly mornings […]

Backflow Prevention in El Paso

Erupting toilets happen. When it’s happening, it seems like the world will come to an end if something, anything, is not done in the next ten minutes. What to do in that moment of panic? The first thing is to not panic. The second thing, New Age Plumbing has got you covered! Their most common […]

Why a Toilet Repair Should Always Be Handled by a Professional Plumber

We’ve all been there at some point, a clogged toilet that should be fixable with a plunger or snake only to find out these two tools can’t solve the trick. We might ask a neighbor or relative for help and while they mean well, the issue could easily go from bad to worse. This scenario […]

Leak Detection Technology

You open up your water bill for last month and notice it has spiked. You wonder what could possibly have happened. Did you use more water somehow? Take showers for too long? Did the kids leave the faucet running? In all reality, the problem is more than likely a leak somewhere in your house. In […]

Plumbing Repair for Leaks

There are several types of leaks that can plague a home. Each one is capable of costing the homeowner hundreds of dollars’ worth of repair. Leaks occur when some piece of your home’s piping cracks, or erodes. This allows water to seep out and fill or moisten the surrounding area. As a result, water damage […]

What Do I Do If I Suspect a Gas Leak?

A gas leak in your home is a serious serious problem. It can be caused by faulty appliances or loose fittings. Aside from being a very dangerous situation, a gas leak can also cause serious health issues. Whether you suspect a leak now or want to prepare for the future, knowing these important steps and […]

3 Common Toilet Repairs

Your home toilet is an important part of your everyday life. It is probably not truly appreciated or thought about until something goes wrong. The last thing you want to deal with for any period of time is a broken toilet. This is especially true when you have plenty of people in your family. If […]

3 Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Your home’s plumbing system is definitely an underappreciated part of your life. Most people don’t value smooth running pipes until a problem arises. When your drains are not working properly your first instinct might be to pull out the plunger. However, sometimes a professional drain cleaning might be a better idea. We have a few […]

3 of the Worst Plumbing Repairs

Being a homeowner is a great feeling. Knowing that your home is yours, the added privacy, and having the ability to make decor changes to a house are all great benefits. However, the real fun comes when the home is a few years old and plumbing problems start to crop up. Taking care of fixes […]

Should I Make the Switch to a Tankless Water Heater?

A lot of new home builders are installing tankless water heaters into homes. However, if you live in an older home you may be wondering if you should make the switch. This new technology has been on the market for a few years now and it is quickly becoming more popular. Both tankless and traditional […]