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What Do I Do If I Suspect a Gas Leak?

Gas burner rings on a kitchen oven hob.A gas leak in your home is a serious serious problem. It can be caused by faulty appliances or loose fittings. Aside from being a very dangerous situation, a gas leak can also cause serious health issues. Whether you suspect a leak now or want to prepare for the future, knowing these important steps and facts can be a big help. Being prepared can even save a life.

What Do I Do If I Smell Gas?

If you smell a leak in your home you should immediately open windows and doors to let fresh air in. Natural gas on its own does not have a smell and is not visible. It is pretty much undetectable. However, the sulfuric scent is added for public safety. Allowing fresh air into the house will be the first step to keep you and your family safe. If you or anyone in the house is familiar with the main tap at the gas meter, be sure to shut off the gas supply. From there, you should exit the house with your entire family and pets. Then you can call in a plumber to care of any repairs.

What Do I Need to Avoid if I Suspect a Gas Leak?

Again, a leak should be taken very seriously. Or boys turning on any electrical switches, because they can cause a spark. This includes any electrical appliances any flames, phones or other devices. Above all, avoid staying in the house. Do not enter the home again until the experts deem it safe.

How can I Avoid a Gas Leak?

The first thing you can do to avoid leaks coming from faulty appliances, is always have your appliances installed by an expert. This is preferably someone certified to do so. All too often, homeowners suffer the consequences of an appliance installed improperly. If you purchase any used appliances, they should be inspected by a certified expert as well. Taking care of the home’s furnace is important as well. Having your filter switched out once a year can make a big difference. Getting your HVAC system inspected once a year is also a good idea. It is important to also install a carbon monoxide detector in the home. At the end of the day, you can’t be too safe.

New Age Plumbing Can Help

Whether you suspect a gas leak and needs the help of a plumber for repairs or simply want to avoid leaks in the future, our team at New Age Plumbing can certainly help. Contact us today for more info.

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