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Leak Detection Technology

water bursting out of a pipe, calling for leak detection servicesYou open up your water bill for last month and notice it has spiked. You wonder what could possibly have happened. Did you use more water somehow? Take showers for too long? Did the kids leave the faucet running? In all reality, the problem is more than likely a leak somewhere in your house. In El Paso this can be especially frustrating as water is a precious commodity.  New Age Plumbing has expert technicians with top of the line leak detection equipment. We can find and repair your leak quickly.

Leak Detection

Knowing you have a leak is one thing, finding where it is located is a whole other ordeal. No one wants to find a moldy pool of water in their lawn, but especially when the source of the water is not visible. If the leak is deep in the pipe, there will be no way to see it. Leak detection technology relies on cameras and experience in order to pinpoint the leak and fix it. A qualified plumber can find a leak, even deep underground, and then repair it.  

Expert Workers

Besides the usual spots, such as sinks, tubs, and toilets, leaks can also happen deep underground. This is where leak detection experts are needed. Having quality workers with experience in finding leaks working on your pipes is a sure way to get the best service. You will want to choose a company that has experience in leak repair and detection. In addition, finding one that is local is preferred as they understand the specific demands of the area. Knowing about the ground makeup can make a huge difference in leak detection, as it changes the approach used.  

Fast Repair

New leak detection technology allows for repairs to be found and fixed faster. The tech used to find the leak, can also repair the leak. Often times they might be able to do both things in the same day. This means having one visit, rather than two or three. A faster repair lets you get back into daily life faster too.

Contact Us Today

If you suspect that your house might have a water leak, then you need someone to help you find and repair the problem quickly. New Age Plumbing is at the top of the game in leak detection technology. We have already helped many El Paso homeowners deal with leaks on their property. We can help you too. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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