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Backflow Prevention in El Paso

Dirty water flowing out of a faucet that could be avoided with the right backflow preventionErupting toilets happen. When it’s happening, it seems like the world will come to an end if something, anything, is not done in the next ten minutes. What to do in that moment of panic? The first thing is to not panic. The second thing, New Age Plumbing has got you covered! Their most common services in the El Paso area include toilet repair, water heater repair, and backflow prevention. So, you are covered (or is it dried?).

Expert Backflow Prevention Services in El Paso

Backflow can end up being hard to detect. Sometimes your water may come out of the faucet discolored, grainy or with an odor, which are telltale signs of backflow issues. But there are other signs that can go unnoticed. This is especially harmful when it comes to your family drinking water from the tap. One such sign can be slow unsteady waterflow. Small pools of water in your yard can be another sign of issues. The best thing you can do is call for help from a plumber for backflow prevention services if you suspect any trouble at all. The last thing you want is your family using toxic water.

What is a Cross-Connection?

The exact definition of backflow is the reverse flow of non potable water into potable water supply. Backflow starts with a a cross-connection. This is where a homeowner’s pipes that supply potable water meet with any source of non potable water. Troubles with water pressure can cause backflow. Properly installed backflow prevention mechanism can reduce this risk. However, water main bursts, freezing pipes, flooding or an ill-installed sprinkler system can all be viable causes.

Let the Experts at New Age Plumbing Help

When your child runs for a glass of water after returning home from school you don’t want to have to think twice about their safety. Bathing and washing clothes should not cause you anxiety in your own home. If you suspect any trouble at all be sure to call in our plumbers to run tests and fix any issues. If your current backflow prevention device is not working, we will find out with a few simple tests. On top of that, we can install new equipment.

Contact Us Today

If you are facing backflow issues, prevention is vital. Backflow can make its way into your dishwasher or faucets. Keep your home and family safe from backflow and contact New Age Plumbing today.

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