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The True Dangers of a Gas Leak — What Makes Natural Gas So Dangerous

gas leaks

We rely on natural gas for a lot of household needs, from cooking to heating our homes, drying our clothes, and our pipe and utility systems. It’s a safe and beneficial resource that we use on a daily basis, which causes us to forget how dangerous it can be in certain conditions. When a gas leak occurs, it can be deadly. It’s critical that you and your family evacuate the premises immediately then call a professional, who can asses the situation.

If you’ve ever experienced a gas leak yourself, you might have wondered what makes it so dangerous? Considering we use it so often, the question is well worth exploring. There are two risks of a gas leak that you should know about: explosions and carbon monoxide poising.     

An Explosion

Although it is rare, a gas leak posses the possibility of an explosion. A spark could ignite the gas in which would result in an explosion. An explosion could potentially take out a good portion of your home. In addition to fully destroying a large area, it could affect the leveling of your home. Knowing an explosion is rare but still possible, makes it extremely important that you contact a professional right away.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

One of the most serious dangers of a gas leak is carbon monoxide poisoning. Inhaling carbon dioxide can easily result in fainting or feelings of extreme nausea and extreme fatigue. If a gas leak occurs at night while you are sleeping, there is a possibility that carbon monoxide would get into your system causing you to die in your sleep.    

Detecting a Gas Leak

Natural gas doesn’t have an odor; however, a gas leak often results in a detectable odor since other nearby chemicals will bring out a rotten egg smell. If you notice an unusual smell, call a plumber right away. A plumber will be able to detect the leak and make sure your gas lines are fixed and running properly before any systems are turned on.

In any event, it’s wise to have a carbon monoxide and explosive gas leak detector in your home. Most alarms are battery powered so even if there’s a power outage, the alarm will sound off if the presence of a gas leak is detected. There are various types of alarms available but consider asking a plumber for advice on a reliable alarm as well as the best place to put in your home.       

Call New Age Plumbing Right Away

If you experience any unusual smells in your home, give New Age Plumbing a call. We specialize in leak detection and can handle emergency situations. Knowing your safety and that of your family is on the line, be sure to call us right away.

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