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Don’t Flush That! Three Things to Never Flush Down Your Toilet

toiletRemember when you were a child and you had a pet goldfish that, when they died, were flushed down the toilet? This is a rather common experience for most children. For parents, it’s an easy way to get rid of a dead pet fish. But pet fish are just one of the many things you shouldn’t flush down your toilet!

It’s easy to just flush things down our toilets, saying goodbye to them for good. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, wrong, because while it may have disappeared down your toilet, that doesn’t mean it’s out of your pipes for good. In fact, when we flush things that don’t belong in down our toilets, we often leave a lasting impression in our pipes. From clogs and buildup to cracks and holes, flushing certain things can have huge negative impacts on our pipes as a whole, causing serious issues with our toilets, drains, and other infrastructures down the line. Here are a few things you shouldn’t flush down the toilet.

#1: Cat Litter

You might not know this, but cat litter is frequently flushed down the toilet. While it seems to make sense because of what’s in the litter itself, cat litter can be incredibly damaging to your pipes. It can cause clogs and buildup while also damaging the pipes as it makes its way down. In addition, cat feces is filled with all kinds of bacteria that is harmful to humans. So when it is flushed and then the sewage is illegally dumped, the water is reclaimed, or what have you, you run the risk of spreading the bacteria to other people. Your best bet? Throw it in the trash!

#2: Dental Floss

It’s used in the bathroom, so it can be flushed, right? Not exactly. While dental floss seems harmless enough, it can actually get snagged and caught in your pipes. Then, as other things are flushed down the toilet, it gets caught in the stuck dental floss,  building up over time and eventually causing horrific clogs. Dental floss belongs in the trash as well.

#3: Wipes

It does the same job as toilet paper, so I can flush it, right? Nope! This is probably one of the most common bad things flushed down toilets out of anything on this list. Wipes, unlike toilet paper, should always be disposed of in the trash.

What Do I Do if I Need Toilet Repair?

If your toilet or pipes have become damaged or clogged because of what’s been flushed recently, don’t despair. New Age Plumbing offers high-quality toilet repair services that can help your porcelain throne go back to the throne it needs to be. Call us today to learn more!

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