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7 Signs that Say You Need Backflow Repair

Backflow is one of the many problems homeowners may face with their plumbing. Backflow happens when the normal flow of water is reversed from its intended direction traveling through pipelines. This can lead to the flow of contaminated water being compounded into the drinking and working water system. This will have a lasting effect that can pose dangers to the family’s health. No one wants that. Although your plumbing may or may not have given you problems before, it is always best to be safe and receive the preventative maintenance you need. We look at the signs that indicate a need for backflow repair. 


Leaks are a common sign in many problems regarding one’s plumbing. However, this might mean you have backflow if they are constantly popping up. This is the most common sign of backflow issues that homeowners experience. Although leaks can indicate small problems, such as breakage or bursts in pipes, you should never get too comfortable. Having a professional come in and find the source of a leak can help you prevent even more problems later on and resolve any current issues. 

Reduced Water Pressure

You could be experiencing reduced water pressure anywhere throughout your home, such as the kitchen faucet, bathroom sinks, showerheads—wherever your water is being used. This is also a sign of backflow. Backflow creates a vacuum-like effect within your plumbing system, preventing water flow from traveling at the rate it should. As the pressure builds up, your pipes are more likely to burst, which is just another problem you would have to deal with in addition to backflow. 

Odd Water Quality 

The minute you notice an odd taste with your water, you should immediately call a plumber. This almost always indicates that your water is contaminated and unsafe for drinking and consumption. The water will continue to produce an odd taste, often a sulfur-like taste, if your plumbing does not receive special attention from a professional. Drinking poor and contaminated water can lead to serious illness. With that being said, you should look into a backflow preventer as soon as possible. 

Discoloration of the Water

In addition to odd and sulfur-like tastes, you might notice a discoloration with your water. Contaminated water usually comes out pink, brown, or yellow in color. This is one of the clearest indications that your plumbing system is experiencing problems regarding backflow. Any discoloration of the water shows that the water is unsafe to drink. Hence, when you notice anything weird with your water, you need to treat it as an emergency and get a professional to come in right away. 

Specific Smells

Taste, discoloration, and smell are all signs of contaminated water. If your water has an odd or bad smell, you will notice it most when you turn the faucet on, as the smell builds up in pipes and is released when water flows out. The smell could also be sulfur-like, similar to odd-tasting water if this is the case. Sometimes drainage could lead to smells, but it could also call for a case of backflow. 

Visible Particles 

You may notice sediments or deposits in your water that you’ve never seen before. Some people believe it’s a matter of poor filtration, but you should never turn away from a sign that could mean something serious. Rust particles are a sign of contamination and backflow. No one should have rust particles in their drinking and working water. There is not much anyone can do about the problem if they don’t have a professional to call on, so it is best to turn to a plumber right away. 

Slow Drainage 

Slow drainage is a common sign of buildup or clogs in someone’s pipes, but it could also indicate the presence of backflow and contaminated water. Drainage can be seen in shower drains, kitchen sinks, dishwashing machines, and other rooms where drains are in use. If you’ve noticed increased water levels in some of your drains, you may have backflow, and you will need to have this assessed immediately. 

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