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3 Common Toilet Repairs

Hand is fixing a toilet cistern at homeYour home toilet is an important part of your everyday life. It is probably not truly appreciated or thought about until something goes wrong. The last thing you want to deal with for any period of time is a broken toilet. This is especially true when you have plenty of people in your family. If you are dealing with a toilet repair that you don’t quite know how to fix you are better off leaving it to the experts. Sometimes attempting to repair plumbing problems can lead to bigger, more costly problems. Take a look at this list of common toilet repairs.

Problems With Flushing

If you have a toilet that was manufacturing between 1994 and 1997 you could be dealing with a toilet with bad design. You can look inside the tank for a manufactured date to find out. These toilets were designed to use less water, however, the design came with a weak flush. If your toilet was not created during this time but has a weak flush, hard water deposits on the siphon jet hole can be the issue. This can be fixed with a good cleaning using special hard water cleaning products. If your toilet has an incomplete flush you may have a problem with the flapper valve. Then of course there is the problem of the toilet flushing on its own. This is not at all indication of a haunting in your home. You simply need a new flapper as well.

Problems with the Tank Filling

There can be a variety of different problems with your toilet tank filling. If the tank fills very slow the shut off valve under the tank might be a concern. Another problem is a dripping sound after the tank has filled. This is more than likely a siphon problem. Another common toilet repair is fixing a whistling tank fill. The toilet can make a whistling and other strange noises. This is often caused by old technology inside the toilet.

Suction Sounds

If you hear suction sounds coming from the tub and sink you more than likely have a clog. If you have children at home make sure that they have not thrown anything large like a toy or bathroom item into the toilet. This toilet repair can also be caused by a clogged toilet vent pipe. This is the pipe that leads from underground where waste is dumped, to your rooftop. Leaves, a dead bird or a stray ball could be clogging this pipe and causing your bathroom to go hair wire with each flush.

Contact us for Toilet Repair

If you are experiencing issues that require toilet repair at your El Paso home, you are more than likely in need of immediate help. Our plumbers offer prompt, reliable service. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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