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Top 5 Signs Your Plumbing Needs Serious Repairs

Plumbing, like many other aspects of our homes and businesses, are a major afterthought until there are issues. Anyone who’s had serious plumbing issues can attest to how quickly you can change from not thinking about it at all to becoming extremely stressed over it. 

Sometimes, plumbing issues can come out of left field, but often there are some signs leading up to a major failure. At New Age Plumbing, we’ve seen countless clients with major plumbing problems where there were some signs beforehand, but they were unable to see the signs. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the most common signs that your plumbing is in need of serious repair. 

Your Sink Is Slow To Drain

One common sign of plumbing issues that gets ignored is slow draining sinks. Often, our showers or bathroom sinks can be slow to drain but we ignore it as a minor inconvenience. However, slow draining is a telltale sign that there is something clogging your plumbing. 

There are myriad things that could be clogging drains like hair, toys, food waste, and even small creatures like rodents. The longer you ignore the drainage issue, the worse it could get. To avoid deeper plumbing issues, you should address that right away by calling a professional team. They can use a drain snake, which is a long and flexible instrument capable of safely clearing blockages. 

Bad Water Pressure

Another common plumbing issue that may indicate larger issues is low water pressure. If you’ve experienced low water pressure in the past, you’ll know how frustrating it can be to do normal tasks. While it is simply annoying to deal with, it can also lead to larger water bills as well. 

So what causes low water pressure? Typically, you can point to a small clog in the aerator of the faucet. If there is a clog in the aerator, it will make it so your water pressure gets worse and worse. 

Often, people will try to fix this issue themselves, but this can actually lead to more serious issues if done incorrectly. Instead, it is more advisable to simply call the pros to do the job right. 

No Hot Water

Our last bad plumbing sign for this blog is water that will come out of your faucets but won’t get hot. This is also a huge annoyance, especially if you were looking forward to a hot shower after a long day. 

This is probably an issue with the water heater, and since there are many things that could go wrong, a professional will definitely need to check several things. Below are just a few of the issues you may be having with your water heater: 

  • Stuck valves
  • Bad gasket
  • Water tank leaks 
  • Overheating 
  • Bad/Improper water pressure 
  • Loose bolts 

Not all of these issues may result in you not seeing any hot water, but they can certainly contribute to the issue, especially if you have multiple issues at once. 

Bad Smells Coming From Drains/Pipes 

Given the nature of plumbing, it’s not uncommon that unpleasant smells occasionally crop up from your pipes. However, sometimes a consistent, rancid smell can come from a sink, tub, or other areas, meaning something unpleasant may be blocking your pipes. 

In addition to something smelling bad, you should also look out for slow drainage, which we discussed above. If you detect these two things, it’s almost certain that something foul is blocking your pipes. 

High Water Bill

Last on our list, we have the dreaded water bill. We all have bills to pay, unfortunately, but if you’re noticing an inexplicable rise in your water bill, it may be a sign of a larger issue. Often, components like pipes, our water heaters, or other things can leak, using more water than would otherwise be used. 

If you have a leak, you may not notice it depending on where it is, but you may be able to spot it by paying close attention to your water bill. 

Trust New Age Plumbing For Your Home or Business

From minor plumbing repair to emergency plumbing disasters, New Age Plumbing is El Paso’s best in handling issues quickly and correctly the first time. We know how vital plumbing is to our everyday lives, so we take the utmost care to ensure plumbing across the city works well. 

If you need plumbing you can trust for your home or business, don’t hesitate to call the pros at New Age Plumbing. Contact us online or call (915) 822-1865 today.