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Backflow Prevention

Professional and Qualified Backflow Prevention Services in El Paso

Backflow PreventionWhen running a shower, you expect to see clean and clear water. The clean water you use in your home is kept and maintained in water supply systems. There are instances, however, in which water supply systems can become compromised. In these instances, a flow reversal causes undesirable liquid, gas, or solids to backflow into the clean water supply systems. Backflow prevention is an important part of living comfortably at home. New Age Plumbing offers backflow prevention services for homeowners who are facing backflow issues.

Backflow and Cross-Connection

Backflow describes the event in which an unwanted reversal of flow into a potable water supply occurs. This undesirable flow is mostly made up of liquid but there are instances in which gases or suspended solids may also enter the water supply. Simply put, backflow is not something you to want to happen to your water supply. It is important to keep potable and nonpotable water separated. The words translate to “safe to drink” and “unsafe to drink,” respectively. So having nonpotable water in your clean water supply isn’t something you want.

When backflow occurs, your water supply becomes compromised with undesirable liquid. But how exactly does this happen? It all starts with a cross-connection. Cross-connection is the undesirable connection between a homeowner’s potable water system and any source of nonpotable water. Backflow is a common result of failing or reduced water pressure, water main bursts, or freezing pipes, to name a few examples. The best way to prevent backflow is by seeking professional plumbing assistance.

Backflow Prevention from New Age Plumbing

No one should have to suffer from backflow. If you’re a victim, don’t hesitate and contact the team at New Age Plumbing today. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner your water will be safe and free from undesirable backflow. We will install and maintain a backflow prevention device that will create an air gap that’s necessary for contaminated water to collect. This way, the undesirable backflow will separate from your potable water and you’ll be able to use it without fear.

It’s important to keep potable separated from non potable water because it can become dangerous if they combine. If you are facing backflow issues, prevention is vital. Backflow can make its way into your dishwasher or faucets. Keep your home and family safe from backflow and contact New Age Plumbing today.