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Taking Care of Any Gas Leaks and Repairs in El Paso

Gas LeaksLeaks and the need for repairs seem to creep up on us at the worst times. Unfortunately, they’re almost never something you can simply fix on your own. Whether you live in a large house or a small apartment, these issues can happen anywhere in El Paso. From water and gas leaks to water heater repairs, New Age Plumbing is fully equipped to help.

Gas Leaks

Since gas leaks are potentially dangerous, we take them very seriously. In small doses, natural gas is perfectly fine to use. But at greater levels, it can be deadly. When you have a gas leak, you can tell by its sulfuric odor. Gas doesn’t naturally smell like this. The odor is added so you can easily identify a gas leak. If you do have one, you need to have it fixed immediately.

While most gas leaks are relatively the same, they vary in location and severity. If you live in a home with a basement, the gas leak will probably start down there. If you begin smelling it upstairs, the gas leak is severe. Other times it can come from a stove or other appliance in your home. Underground gas leaks, which happen in pipes buried in the ground, signal an issue with your pipes. You can tell if you have one if the plants in that area are discolored or dead or if the mud around it bubbles. This happens because how natural gas mixes with oxygen.

Regardless of the kind of leak you have, be sure to leave the premises immediately to avoid any harm and then call us. Here at New Age Plumbing, we are trained to safely fix any plumbing issues in the El Paso area!

Leak Detection

One of the best ways to prevent an issue is to detect leaks. By leaks, we mean both water and gas leaks, both of which can become severe if left untreated. Luckily, there are multiple things you can to do.

When you have a water leak, you need to find it right away to avoid a serious issue. Some early signs include water stains and caved-in areas on your ceiling. If you think you may have a leak, we can help by using acoustic infrared detection on your walls to look for it. We can also help you determine if you have an underground water leak, which can lead to serious problems in the future.

There are also preventative measures for gas leaks you can follow. We recommend having us install a gas detector in your home since it’s one of the best ways to know if you have a leak. Also look out for that iconic sulfuric smell and other telltale signs so you can catch the leak fast.

We use state of the art technology, like video inspection, to help find leaks before they happen. Avoid a mess by calling us to help you detect leaks before they create a mess.

Water Heater Repair

Your water heater is an important, yet often neglected, part of your home. Water heaters do exactly what their name says; they heat your water. Essentially, every time you wash dishes or take a hot shower, you’re using your water heater. When it breaks down, it can send your daily routine through a loop.

There are two main kinds you can have, one with a tank and one without one. Water heaters with tanks can either be electric or gas fueled. An electric water heater works by connecting your water heater to electricity. The connection panel electrically heats the water. A gas fueled tank heats your water with a burner. Gasses are filtered out, and the burner heats the tank, which in turn heats the water.

Tankless water heaters are becoming more popular in El Paso because they are more efficient and environmentally friendly. Tankless water heaters work by sending cold water through a heated coil and then to your appliances. The water here is not constantly heated, which reduces the amount of heat needed and the amount of money you pay monthly.

Typically, a water heater breaks down because of oxidation, buildup, overuse, or high water pressure. Depending on the amount of damage, a simple fix might work. If the damage is too great, we may need to replace it. New Age Plumbing can help regardless of the damage done, so you don’t have to worry. Contact us today.