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Our Testimonials

The new hot water heater is great! They did fantastic work!

This is a good solid company…Good people. Any clogs, pipes need replacing, etc. I can always count on them! Been my plumber for over 10 years…

Fast friendly service and always at a fair price. I have had New Age replace broken pipes, unclogs, replace toilets etc. They have always been dependable and quick.

I have had them do SO many different things at my home and father’s house, from replacing busted lines to hot water heaters. And they’ve done consistently good work at a fair price every time. New Age was recommended to me by Charlie Gorman of Gorman Distributing, and I recommend them to you too.

We had had many repairs and projects taken care of by them and they are the best.

Very dependable service. And I have had a number of different plumbers over the years, and these guys are the best!

They work for ME!!! Came and worked on my shower very quickly with very little notice. I think they did great work

I had to remodel my kitchen. And they installed my new kitchen sink and dishwasher. And they did a beautiful job. They arrived on time and were very polite and professional. Very happy with the work.

New to the city of El Paso, Texas and needed a plumber. I called New Age Plumbing and they took care of our problem in one day. Adrian and Danny were very courteous, well mannered very knowledgeable gentlemen. Good prices. My husband and I would recommend this company to all family and friends as we were very pleased with their work.