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Your Garbage Disposal and More: Useful Tips for Maintenance 

People are spending a lot of time at home these days. That means a lot of home cooking and more use of the facilities. So whether you are an avid do-it-yourselfer or just want to get started, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your garbage disposal and drain working properly and […]

A Profile of the High-Efficiency Toilet and Its History 

The concern for conservation is a topic of much discussion. Whether it is decreasing a carbon footprint through carpooling with your friends, buying high-efficiency appliances, or saving energy through solar panels, the world is quite conscious of the importance of conserving. When it comes to water, another necessity, people are also quite conscious of being […]

Comfort at the Turn of a Knob: The History of the Water Heater

Sometimes, a cold shower can feel good; if it’s the middle of summer, you’ve come from a run in the blaring sunlight of El Paso, and it’s one hundred degrees outside. A cold shower might not seem like a good idea when it’s the middle of winter and you have to get to work so […]

A Look at Toilet Paper and How It Has Impacted Our Lives

Today there are many Americans that are visiting their local grocery store and finding that the toilet paper aisle is completely empty. That’s because, as the time of this writing, the coronavirus is in full swing and a panic regarding the foreseeable future has spread throughout the nation. For one reason or another, this panic […]

A Brief History of Drainage and the Craziest Things Found in Drains 

Like the intricate network of veins that run through the human body, the drainage system is a complex feat of engineering that lies beneath the skin of the city. These complex networks of pipes carry out waste and unwanted materials from our homes into their designated area. Drains and sewage are a necessary part of […]

Gas Leaks: Trusting Experts To Avert Danger

Gas leaks are one of the most dangerous threats to your home and your family. Gas leaks can have a sulfuric smell, almost like rotten eggs or a skunk. Gas leaks may also have no smell at all, so knowing the proper signs is key. They can come from a variety of different sources, but […]

Plumbing Throughout History: A Reflection

It can seem like plumbers have been around forever; we can’t seem to escape the Super Mario, lack of a belt stereotype that plumbers have had for years. You’ve probably seen at least one movie or show where the plumber crouches down and you see way more than you intended. But the reality is that […]

The Wise Choice of New Age Plumbing 

Plumbing issues in El Paso can come in all shapes and forms possible and can be a drag to have to take care of, but it doesn’t have to be. New Age Plumbing is here to help you take care of these repairs and sewage problems so that you don’t end up waking up to […]

Plumbing Repair: Three Common Signs to Watch Out For

Many homeowners tend to take their plumbing for granted. That is, until something goes terribly wrong and they find themselves in a terrible predicament. It may seem as if  the issue took place seemingly overnight but all plumbers know these issues take time and your bathroom itself might’ve tried to warn you but every sign […]

The Importance of Drain Cleaning in El Paso

Drains are meant to flow, and most do. But what happens when your drain suddenly stops doing what it’s supposed to be doing? What does one do when the drain stops draining? Well, if you’re in the El Paso area, you should call New Age Plumbing to take care of all your drain cleaning needs. […]