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What is Backflow Prevention and How Does it Work?

Backflow prevention is an important part of protecting your El Paso home and business from dangerous water contamination. It works by preventing the backward flow of water from entering your drinking water supply and can be achieved through several different methods. New Age Plumbing is the superior plumbing in El Paso, specializing in backflow prevention […]

Is Your Plumbing Ready for the El Paso Winter?

If you live in El Paso, you know winter can be a pain. The weather is beautiful, with bright sun and warm temperatures during the spring and summer, but when the cold sets in, it’s time to prepare. Your plumbing can certainly take a beating over the winter months, so it is crucial to ensure […]

Why Yearly Drain Cleaning in El Paso is Crucial

Plumbing issues are every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Not only do clogged toilets or overflowing drains cause a major headache for homeowners, but these types of issues can also end up costing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in repairs.  One of the easiest ways to avoid costly repairs is to schedule an annual drain cleaning […]

How to Save Water in El Paso This Summer

Drought is one of the toughest natural disasters to combat, and prolonged drought is evidence of a warming climate. Hence, being water smart is an obligation of everyone living in El Paso. You should take active steps toward maximizing every drop of water, particularly in the summertime when water bills go up, and the ground […]

7 Gas Leak Signs El Paso Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

There are many signs and indicators that you should become familiar with when it comes to gas leak detection. Approximately 50,000 people in the United States have to visit the emergency room every year to be treated for gas leak exposure and poisoning. While gas leaks in our homes may be out of our control, […]

What It Means When Your Running Water is Yellow and Temporary Solutions 

Turning on your running water, whether it’s to wash your dishes, wash your hands, or run a bath, can be alarming all the same. Oftentimes, yellowing water is likely due to rust. There are small amounts of oxygen and iron in running water or tap water. With an increase in these elements, you are more […]

8 Reasons Why Your Water Heater May Be Leaking

Plumbing issues can be tied to several factors, especially water heater leaks. These leaks can stem from a variety of situations, so it can be hard to narrow down what exactly is going on within your water heater, making repairs all the more difficult. Should you ever have a leak in your water heater, it […]

Top 5 Signs Your Plumbing Needs Serious Repairs

Plumbing, like many other aspects of our homes and businesses, are a major afterthought until there are issues. Anyone who’s had serious plumbing issues can attest to how quickly you can change from not thinking about it at all to becoming extremely stressed over it.  Sometimes, plumbing issues can come out of left field, but […]

Our Top 5 Plumbing Problems & Tips To Avoid Them

Plumbing is one area of life that is so necessary that we often don’t think about it until major issues arise. It’s second nature to turn on the faucet to wash our hands or to flush the toilet, but it becomes a glaring issue when they aren’t working. Sometimes issues arise and aren’t really the […]

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Drain Cleaning

Clogs in your drain are normal. It tends to happen to many homeowners along the way. What’s not normal is the aftermath that a store-bought drain cleaner can bring. Many people think that when a drain is clogged, that the quickest and the best solution is a drain cleaner straight from the store. While it […]