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How to Save Water in El Paso This Summer

Drought is one of the toughest natural disasters to combat, and prolonged drought is evidence of a warming climate. Hence, being water smart is an obligation of everyone living in El Paso. You should take active steps toward maximizing every drop of water, particularly in the summertime when water bills go up, and the ground gets. Water conservation involves both precautionary and active steps. 

Precautionary steps include employing the service of a plumbing company to clean your drains and check for leaks in your pipes. Active steps include timing your showers and sprinklers. Therefore save water by plumbing in El Paso. 

If you are wondering how to save water this summer, here are some important steps you can take. 

Do Your Watering in the Mornings or Evenings

When the sun comes up, water evaporates very fast; hence waiting till the sun is up to water is like an effort in futility. It is advisable to water your plants or your yard early in the morning or after the sun has set. 

Do Not Waste Water While Watering 

When watering your plants or yard, ensure that you do not end up spraying the sidewalk or the floor beneath the plant pot. Let your watering be focused on the plant roots directly for more impact. To achieve this, using sprinklers is not the best option; instead, installing a drip irrigation system would be advisable as it is more target-focused. 

Plant Drought Tolerant Plants

Another way of conserving water is by replacing your turf grass which is essentially a water guzzler, with serene drought-friendly plants. By doing this, you save money on moving, you reduce your water bill, and most importantly, you help prevent a drought. 

Store Rainwater

Rainwater which is free water can be stored and used for basic house chores. So the first step is getting rain barrels; the next is positioning them in a suitable spot where the rain pour gathers. You can use this rainwater for your gardening or cleaning. 

Save Water on Dishwashing 

You can save water from dishwashing if you are strategic about it. If you cannot afford a dishwasher which is the ultimate way of saving water, you can use these tricks to reduce your water usage:

  1. Use warm water 
  2. Use little detergent 
  3. Keep the drain closed till you are done washing
  4. Rinse and dry. 
  5. Check For Leaky Faucets and pipes

It is a different thing to be using excessive water for productive activity, and it is another thing for it to be completely wasted. A leaky pipe or dripping faucet may seem insignificant initially, but it has been estimated that over 100 gallons of water can be wasted annually from a leaky pipe. 

To substantially reduce the chances of this colossal waste, do routine checks on your plumbing. Have professionals check your drains and faucets periodically for early detection of vulnerable spots and fixing. 

You can also check for leaks by putting drops of food coloring or a dye tablet inside the toilet tank. If colors appear in the bowl later, then you know your tank is leaking,

Take Shorter Showers

Taking shorter showers might seem unhygienic to most people, but the fact is you can still have a very clean wash with less water. The trick is to turn the shower off while soaping or shaving; after a good scrub, turn the water back on and rinse off. 

You can also be intentional about shaving up a couple of minutes from your usual bath time. Also, you can collect the soap water from the bath and use it to water your garden. 

Get a Pool Cover

A pool can be a great source of relaxation and a huge water guzzler. If you own a pool, always ensure that it is covered, particularly during hot summer days when it is not in use and evaporation is at its optimum; otherwise, you will require more gallons of water. 

Wash Your Car at a Car Wash

You might be thinking you are frugal by washing your car yourself, but you are just adding more to your water bill. When you watch your car yourself, you end up spending twice as much water as you would have if you had used a car wash. 

Upgrade the Your Home Plumbing Appliances 

The more modern your plumbing, the easier it is to save water. For instance, a low-flow shower head conserves water more than a full-flow shower head. Also, a low flush toilet is much better suited than a high flush one. 

Plumbing In El Paso

Are you trying to be more proactive with your plumbing in your attempt to minimize water usage? Newage plumbing company is a reliable company to employ. We are a certified plumbing company with many years of experience in all plumbing services. To make a consultation, you can contact us online or call (915) 822-1865